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The Five Steps to Ensuring Momo Graduates Successfully!!!

Harriet Ford composed the original soundtrack for the visual novel "The Five Steps to Ensuring Momo Graduates Successfully​!​!​!" by millkylemon.

A Compendium of Lesser-Known Cryptids

Composition for the trailer of a Kickstarter Campaign that reached up to 834 backers and secured funding up to $41,000.

Sixteen Horses

Composition for the debut release trailer of Greg Buchanan's novel "Sixteen Horses", published by Pac MacMillan and Flatiron Books.

Trans Game Jam - July 2021

Harriet Ford participated in the Game Jam hosted by Trans Game Dev and provided 3 tracks to two different games.

The Bone Herder

Composition for The Bone Herder's comic book Kickstarter trailer, which reached its goal of $5,000 in just 34 minutes and went on to secure funding of $80,000.

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